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"New, Catalytic Weight-Loss System Certifies Rapid Fat-Loss Effects for Men & Women who Strive to Rebuilding Fantastic Bodies in Record Time." 


Your Success is Warranted - Permanent Weight-Loss is Finally a Realistic Objective. You will lose FAT - not Muscle-Tissue. You will NOT Starve. You will...

Feel Fantastic for the rest of your Life!

Dear Future Owner of a Rock-Hard Body,

Within the next 6 minutes, you will be privy to the precise 'weight-loss data' you must act on, to finally sculpt the "body of your dreams", under your specific conditions... a kind of body that most people would only dream of.

Did you know that even the genetically average people can achieve a MAGNETIC BODY with a fast-acting workout program? Can you imagine yourself becoming sculpted and muscular in weeks... instead of years in trial and error?

It's not another theory. It's not about "crash diets". Losing all (94%+) the hazardous weight that vandalizes your body rapidly fast can be achieved in a matter of 12 weeks; provided that you are prepared to start exercising with the...


            -->   Metabolic Transformer 3066  <--

Introducing the one and only "weight-loss system" that directly acts on your metabolism with a profoundly dynamic way that practically forces your body to "flush away fat" in record time - none other "weight-loss program" comes even close to the unequaled effectiveness of Metabolic Transformer 3066.

What exactly is Metabolic Transformer 3066?

It's not another encyclopedic e-book.

It's not a compilation of articles.

It's a scientifically designed workout program that astutely combines cardio-training sessions in union with a selection of muscle-toning exercises; it infallibly 'works-on' gradually and aggressively eliminating bodyfat levels to the minimum while retaining muscularity levels to the maximum (induces muscular development up to 7% without intensive physical activity while drastically eliminating fat-cells).




You are about to experience a biologically proactive weight-loss workout program that encompasses scientific virtues and above all, promises to transform you to a "fitness addict" -- even if you detest working out doing cardio-training or "pumping weights". Since your body eventually acclimatizes to progressively more intensive levels of exercising, your system becomes healthier, your muscles grow to be leaner and bodyfat significantly diminishes automatically in record periods.


                                ...while destroying bodyfat cells!   

Unlike other weight-loss methodologies which cause system-anomalies and minor to serious side-effects like: bad breath, tremors, negative nitrogen balance (or catabolism), hair-loss, sexual dysfunction, temporary weight-loss, anorexia, nervousness / aggressiveness, loss of concentration, lack of confidence, water retention, anemia, decreased metabolism, inexplicable weight-gain... the list is rather large; most of the "common weight-loss programs" we observed are associated with one or more of the above side-effects.


Accelerate your Metabolism up to 16x Times Faster and Detoxify your System from Hazardous Substances which Repulsively affect your DNA!

Imagine having "that superbly elevating feeling" of being strong, healthy and "lean to the bone"; it's simply phenomenal. Now you can be one of the ever-growing fortunate Metabolic Transformer 3066 Users that rejoice a fantastic and vigorous lifestyle. Don't bamboozle your body with artificial weight-loss programs... don't fight the already perfect metabolic synthesis that nature has developed for you -- instead become an "ally". Only a verifiably scientific exercising system can warrant permanent fat loss and gradually increasing muscle-gain

You won't ever again need any supplements, aides, ampoules...anything because, included with your weight-loss exercising program you also get...

A complete nutrition program comprising all the vitamins, protein, minerals and every energetic natural substance your body needs to reach your ultimate fitness objective!

  • Enjoy yummy, nutrient-dense and delicious energy-boosting meals.

  • Nourish your body with critical nutritional elements all day long.

  • Radically improve the quality of your skin achieving that "reflective glimpse" by day #8 and for the rest of your life.

  • Rejoice peaked sexuality levels and incessant fertility with the special 'protein-packed' meal-schedules.

  • Start losing unwanted weight without starving. No bad-breath. No 'boring foods' that stale your "fat-burning process". 


       "Declare your Personal War to the Metabolic Syndrome..."

Scientists have else named it "Syndrome X"; a high-risk health related factor - a disease that causes excessive fat storage in the abdominal area, high-blood pressure, high triglycerides (dyslipidemia), Glucose intolerance, coronary artery disease and heart failure. The modern man / woman is directly affected by these dreadful syndromes.

Now you can consider yourself immune to this pandemic while metabolizing those ugly fatty pounds off your body week by week, to the point of your total transformation -- are you prepared to be an active part of the evolution? 

Are you really settled on for the "Ultimate Weight Loss System"? -- Because...


Common Diets and Outdated Weight-Loss Advice is NOT ENOUGH for those who Aspire for the *Ultimate Transformation* & Drastic Fat-Cell Elimination!

Scientific Weight-Loss Exercising Program + Proper Nutrition = 

                                  ="Permanent Weight-Loss"

Visualize yourself losing those "fatty pounds" literally every week. Enjoying every workout session, whether you choose to train at the gym, or at the comfort of your home. Eventually start feeling uncovered parts of your inner dynamic with the best fat-loss / muscle-toning exercises that will accelerate your metabolism while losing fat faster than ever; drastically attacking those "stubborn fat-cells" that cover muscular areas you must bring onto the surface... not just for aesthetical reasons but in favor of your total body regeneration.

With the Metabolic Transformer 3066 exercising program you will:

  • Accelerate your metabolism a minimum...16x times faster.

  • Drastically vanish 94%+ of "stubborn fat cells" in record time.

  • Rejoice alluring exercising sessions that expel superiority.

  • Unleash uncovered parts of your inner dynamic while metabolizing fat faster.

  • Reach new heights of muscular solidity and "brand-new striated muscles".

  • Sculpt your gluteus, buttocks, calves, back and hone a "V-taper look" to the level of a fitness model (within 26 weeks maximum).

  • Achieve newly found energy levels - transform your image - become gorgeous!

We've been in the "weight-loss industry" for over 24 years. We've seen everything... you've "tried it all" with mediocre results, so why compromise with modesty? The focal question should be: "Am I determined to devote 3 times a week investing in my body with a step-by-step and *scientific* exercising methodology?". 


Now visualize yourself being transformed to totally new, athletic, compelling persona with a body that expels true magnetism... a dream come-true!

Your success in weight-loss is documented - no other program warranties the results you will experience within a 90-day period. Analogize the impending effects on your body based on a genetically average individual weighing 200 pounds.

200 Pound Individual - Bodyfat Levels: 30% - 90-Period Test on Metabolic Transformer 3066

Pure Fat Loss in Weight -58 pounds
Muscle-Gain +4.7%
Stamina Increase +~24%

*The subjected Clinical Test was based on 362 Individuals with different soma-types and genders.

What Really Makes the Metabolic Transformer 3066 weight-loss program so Powerful?

If you want cutting-edge results in permanently losing weight, rather just "looking fit", then this is the absolute best weight-loss program you could ever fit into your lifestyle.

The Metabolic Transformer 3066 directly impacts your natural metabolic capacity to inducing optimal thermogenic levels thus helping your body practically "melt-away fat" with scientifically systematic 3-Days-a-week exercising. 

Electrify your Inner Motivational Power while Sculpting your Body...

Additionally it stimulates your body to unleash critical endorphins which are crucial to maximizing your self-confidence and peaking energy-levels; another superb perk is the unparalleled improvement of leveraging the oxygenation process making you feel extremely energetic, optimally healthy and powerful

--> 3-Days-a-week exercising

--> A total of 3 hours per week

--> 'Permanent Weight-Loss' -- GUARANTEED!

--> Drastically Impacts "Muscle-Tone" by day #8

--> No Side-Effects - Specifically Designed to fit with your Lifestyle.


Drop Bodyfat, Enhance Muscular Tone and Transform your Body with the Metabolic Transformer 3066 weight-loss exercising system NOW!

Now you know that you have a "proprietary advantage" to a gorgeously sculpted body with a scientific system that warranties your success, you must feel the winner within you - empower yourself while transforming your body to its' ultimate potential.

   You Can Do it - Surprise EVERYONE as you Sculpt a Fantastic Body! 

Ordering the Metabolic Transformer 3066 weight-loss exercising system is very easy; just use any major credit card and download the entire program to your computer. It is compiled in the popular *.exe format which runs automatically - no software to install.

Popular institutes typically charge a minimum $470 to providing you with a personal trainer, for a '60 Day Monitoring'. However you wouldn't "own the system". You would never "possess that life-changing knowledge" that works wonders on your body. 

Most importantly you wouldn't capitalize on the inherited technology of a revolutionary body-sculpting program that generates fast-acting results you will only experience with the Metabolic Transformer 3066 weight-loss exercising system.

Here's your irreplaceable elixir to reversing the inherited aging effect while looking sexy, energetic and powerful.


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